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The benefits of a pet insurance

Being a pet owner in the UAE, I know how expensive having a pet can be. Being the owner of both a dog and a cat and a foster cat that is a bit of a foster failure, I unfortunately know that high costs can come at inconvenient times. This is where a pet insurance can help.

In this blog I’d like to talk about the pet insurance from Tokio Marine. Tokio Marine is a global insurance company that has experience since 1879. Since 1976 they have been offering insurances in the UAE under the sponsorship of Al Futtaim. They have a very clear vision, and that is to provide quality.

With the growing demand of a good quality pet insurance in the UAE, they saw an opportunity to expand their services. Although they have been providing pet insurances in other parts of the world since many years, they launched this service here in 2021.

We all want our pets to be happy and healthy. But unfortunately, sometimes we face ourselves in difficult times that are combined with very high unforeseen costs when it comes to veterinary services.

My dog for example had bladder stones. Something which is very uncomfortable also for dogs. Luckily with a small surgery they can be removed. Although it’s not a difficult procedure, it will cost you a few thousand Dirhams.

In these cases, it’s nice to have a good reliable pet insurance that can help you. Since pets are part of our homes, Tokio Marine is offering the pet insurance together with their home insurance for a very affordable rate.

Starting from AED850 per year you both have your home as well as your pet covered. If you like to add an additional pet to the insurance you can do that starting from AED495 plus VAT. The insurance covers up to a maximum of 3 pets.

I think for me what is most important is that with Tokio Marine’s pet insurance you’re not

limited to only a few veterinary clinics in The UAE unlike some other pet insurance companies. If you have been going to a veterinary clinic for years or you have a veterinary clinic that is conveniently close to your home where you like to go to, then that’s all possible. All licensed veterinary clinics are covered in this policy.

Which is great, especially if you already have a vet that you like and trust.

The pet insurance from Tokio Marine covers big expenses like surgeries, hospitalization due to illness or an accident, out patient consultation & treatment as well as third party property damage or personal injury. Meaning that you are covered for thousands of Dirhams every year.

The claim process is also very easy and straight forward. As I mentioned before, you can visit any licensed veterinary clinic. After your visit all you have to do is fill-up and submit the Tokio Marine Pet Insurance claim form. The reimbursement of your bill will only take around 12-14 days which is very fast compared to some other insurance companies.

So when that time comes where your beloved pet requires more than just a routine check-up and you know that bills are going to be high, you know that you are covered. Which is a very nice feeling and gives you something less to worry about.

If you would like to know more about the pet insurance from Tokio Marine, you can visit their website or you can call them at 800-8663 or send an email to: .


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