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Directory Dog Friendly Places

Welcome to our directory where you will find all dog friendly places easily per category. 

Although we work hard every single day to keep all information up to date, please note that some of the places might no longer be dog friendly.

Always double check in advance to avoid being disappointed.  

The places we have visited are rated with stars.

Make sure to keep your dog on a leash at all times unless mentioned that dogs are allowed to run freely.

Keep The UAE clean! Make sure to clean up after your dog.


Are you looking for beautiful hiking trails?

Join a hike with HK9:

Visit their website here

Or go by yourself and get inspiration from Off the Beaten Track:

Visit their Hiking Trails here

You can also find some dog friendly hiking spots in our "Other Dog Friendly Places" category in the below directory.

Please keep in mind that rules & regulations can change.

A hiking trail that was dog friendly yesterday, might not be dog friendly anymore today.

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