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Furry Travel: Elevating Pet Transportation In Dubai

As pet owners we all know the struggles when it comes to transporting and relocating our pets. We want the best service to make it hassle free not only for ourselves, but also for our pets. So finding the best pet relocation and taxi services in Dubai, becomes a mission to many pet owners.

I had the same when relocating my dog with me to Dubai many years ago and I know all too well how many questions you bump into. And it seemed there was never the right person to help me and make me 100% feel at ease.

And then I met Karyna, owner of Furry Travel who had the exact same problem I had at the time. Born from her own personal need and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by pet owners, she founded Furry Travel.

Stark the pet ambassador of Furry Travel in the taxi

Dubai's pet owners now have a new ally in pet transportation. Furry Travel is a pet taxi and pet relocation service in Dubai and their journey begun with their Beagle; Stark, who experiences severe separation anxiety. Moving from Europe to Dubai, they struggled finding a pet relocation service that resonated with their concerns.

"With Dubai being a major hub for expats, we felt like just a number when we spoke to existing relocation companies, and this inspired us to create Furry Travel,", Karyna shares. "Our goal was to provide a service where each pet is given personalised care, truly understanding and reducing the stresses of travel for both pets and their owners."

Gaps in pet transportation

Upon settling in Dubai, Karyna encountered another challenge - moving around the city with Stark. "We tried all the other service providers but found it extremely challenging to find responsive and reliable last-minute rides," Karyna recalls. This led to the inception of Furry Travel, a service committed to being readily available for pet owners.

Comfort and readiness

Their pet taxi service stands out with its fleet of clean, luxurious, custom-interior 8-seater cars, prioritising pet and family comfort. Karyna emphasises, "It's important for us to always have more cars available than required. We've invested heavily in our fleet to ensure we are consistently available to our customers."

The fleet of the Furry Travel pet taxi's

Partnerships for more comprehensive care

The team of Furry Travel with their pet taxi

In their mission to offer comprehensive services, Furry Travel has partnered with pet daycares like Zoomies and Fetch, providing affordable and convenient group rides. These collaborations underscore the company's commitment to community and value.

"One of our drivers did transported up to 18 dogs in a single SUV for a daycare ride with a previous company. The poor doggies were in the car forever, which is why we are limiting our group rides to 3 pickups maximum to ensure the rides are affordable and short."

Upholding a standard of excellence

With a track record of over 70 5-star Google reviews, Furry Travel's commitment to excellence is clear. "We're constantly striving to enhance our services," Karyna says. "Our upcoming addition of mobile pet grooming is a step towards offering a more holistic experience for our clients."

Streamlined booking process

Recognising the importance of efficient communication, Furry Travel uses WhatsApp for all bookings, ensuring a quick and seamless experience. With 24/7 operation, the company caters to the dynamic schedules of pet owners in Dubai.

Want to know more about Furry Travel? Follow them on Instagram or visit their website for pet taxi services or pet relocation.


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