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My 5 favorite dog friendly places in The UAE

I was asked by the Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic to write an article for their newsletter for the month of April. Since many years I have been visiting their clinic with my pets and have always appreciated their amazing service as well as their continuous support for the strays in Dubai with their very often "Spay a Stray" campaign.

So when they approached me, I could not say anything other than: yes. I'm happy to share the article with you here as well.

Since many years The UAE and especially Dubai, has become more dog friendly. And as you know my platform is the space where you can find all dog friendly places like restaurants & hotels but also beaches, parks and events.

Born in The Netherlands, I come from a place where pets are part of our families. Taking your dog with you while going out for a coffee or even on a vacation is very normal. My dog Boefje who is now 15, was adopted by me when she was 3 years old. From the moment I had her, I took her with everywhere I could. Not only was she lucky enough to explore amazing places in Europe, in 2015 we both moved to The UAE.

I have been visiting The UAE regularly since I was 5 years old and therefore knew my way around here. However now with my dog I had to start exploring where we could go together. Although I did not find it hard, I found out a lot of dog owners were unaware where they could bring their dog. And so Doggie Adventures In Dubai started. I started sharing weekly videos and a website came very soon with several lists.

Now many years later, my platform has grown into an amazing community, the website has a proper directory and interactive map, plus we even organize dog friendly events.

I’m super excited to be writing this piece for you all for the ABVC Newsletter and below I like to share with you some of my favorite dog friendly places that you can enjoy before the weather get’s too hot.

Dog Friendly Restaurant

With over 230 dog friendly restaurants in Dubai alone, it’s really hard to pick just 1 restaurant that is my favorite. However, I really would recommend Jones The Grocer on Palm West Beach. Originally from Australia, Jones The Grocer is a f&b brand that has convenience stores, cheese rooms as well as cafes. Their branch on Palm West Beach not only has an amazing view overlooking JBR as well as the new Dubai Harbour, and you can also see Bluewaters Island with of course the Ain Dubai.