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Our Partnership With Treats Card

Treats Card Logo

In 2020 I was contacted by Treats Card, a membership platform for pet owners where you can get discounts at veterinary clinics, groomers, boarding facilities, pet stores and a lot more. They wanted to include pet friendly restaurants to their platform and this is how a really nice partnership started.

Cause why shouldn't there be a discount card for pet owners as well? We all know that having a pet in The UAE can be very expensive. 

A membership at Treats Card will only cost you AED29 per month and will give you access to over 320 offers from more than 230 local pet businesses! And more are joining every month. 

And when you use the discount code: DAIDFREE, you'll get the first month for free of your membership.

Along with Treats Card & Dog Parents In Dubai, we now also started organizing dog friendly events. There is a different Treats Card event every month at a different location with a different theme or activity. In this way we try to offer unique events so there is always something you might be interested in. 

You can find all information about the events here.  

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