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Yvonne and Boefje exploring the UAE

We Are Doggie Adventures In Dubai

We are Yvonne & Boefje and we show you all the dog friendly places in the UAE.

Take a look at our videos below or visit our directory & map to easily find all dog friendly places per category.

And did you know you can also find all pet businesses in our directory as well?

Allowing Dogs or Dog Friendly?

There's a big difference and we try our best to make a change in The UAE so dog owners really can enjoy their time with their dog. 

About Doggie Adventures In Dubai


I've been lucky to have been able to visit The UAE regularly since I was 5 years old and in 2015 I decided to move to Dubai with my dog Boefje who was rescued in The Netherlands a few years before.

From the start I took Boefje with me on my day's off to restaurants or roadtrips like we used to do in Europe as well. This led to a lot of questions from other dog owners who had no idea that there were dog friendly places here.

This was the start of Doggie Adventures In Dubai, the first social media page with videos of dog friendly restaurants (indoor & licensed as well), parks, beaches, activities, staycations and events.

In 2018 I posted my first weekly video of Boefje her adventures and received a lot of positive feedback from the start. We share a new video every week and have now shown over 200 dog friendly places and there are many more to come.

Taking these videos and sharing them with everybody has always been a hobby for me to help the dog friendly community, to bring dog owners and dog friendly places together. 


We are very happy to see The UAE become more dog friendly every day and we work really hard to make a positive change.

More and more places are becoming dog friendly. However there is still a big difference between being really dog friendly or allowing dogs.

We will always do our very best to support the dog friendly community as much as we can to make sure it really becomes dog friendly.

We work with many local businesses, developers and governments to make a change.

Visit our directory to find all dog friendly places. 

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