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About Doggie Adventures In Dubai

I've been lucky to have been able to visit The UAE regularly since I was 5 years old and in 2015 I decided to move to Dubai with my dog Boefje who was rescued in The Netherlands a few years before.

From the start I took Boefje with me on my day's off to restaurants or roadtrips like we used to do in Europe as well. This led to a lot of questions from other dog owners who had no idea that there were dog friendly places here. This was the start of Doggie Adventures In Dubai, the first social media page with videos of dog friendly restaurants (indoor & licensed as well), parks, beaches, activities, staycations and events.

In 2018 I posted my first weekly video of Boefje her adventures and received a lot of positive feedback from the start. We share a new video every week and have now shown over 70 dog friendly places and there are many more to come.

You can find Doggie Adventures In Dubai on:

Youtube for our full videos

Instagram for shorter videos and updates

Facebook where it all started

and Google Maps for all locations

Taking these videos and sharing them with everybody has always been a hobby for me to help the dog friendly community, to bring dog owners and dog friendly places together.

No videos are taken without the approval of the dog friendly outlet. 

We think it's very important to ask for permission since we know a lot of dog friendly restaurants & hotels, who just don't want to be promoted as such. That's why it's possible that you can't find some of the well known dog friendly places on our list and in our videos. Simply because they don't want it, which we understand and respect. 

We are very happy to see The UAE become more dog friendly every day.

More and more places are becoming dog friendly and we will always do our very best to support the dog friendly community as much as we can. 

You can find our full list with all the places we have visited so far below.


All the dog friendly places we have visited so far.


Outdoor Dog Friendly Terrace

Vlog 1- Arrows & Sparrows
Vlog 2- 1762
Vlog 3- Golos Italia
Vlog 6- Mikel
Vlog 9- Wild and the Moon
Vlog 9- Nightjar
Vlog 9- Project Chaiwala
Vlog 12- Spill the bean
Vlog 12- Tuk Tuk Thai
Vlog 14- Little Erth by Nabz & G
Vlog 16- Tania's Teahouse
Vlog 17- Tucano RAK
Vlog 18- Life N' One
Vlog 24- Socialicious
Vlog 34- Counter Culture Cafe
Vlog 35- Els Club
Vlog 36- Cycle Bistro
Vlog 39- Deniz
Vlog 40- Maria Bonita
Vlog 41- Maisan 15
Vlog 44- Betawi
Vlog 45- La Serre
Vlog 47- Kulture House
Vlog 49- Il Lago
Vlog 50- Nolu's AD
Vlog 51- Jones the Grocer SZR
Vlog 52- Hako Sushi
Vlog 54- Amongst Few Cafe
Vlog 55- Little Bangkok
Vlog 57- Mondoux
Vlog 58- Bounty Beets
Vlog 59- The Acai Spot
Vlog 61- Amazone Cafe
Vlog 62- Thunder Road RAK
Vlog 65- Sella
Vlog 73- Leen's Casual to Gourmet
Vlog 80- Vibe



Vlog 7- Local

Vlog 8- Thunder Road Barracuda UAQ

Vlog 15- The Back Door

Vlog 17- Marina Muse RAK

Vlog 20- Reform Social & Grill

Vlog 26- The Duck Hook

Vlog 28- Chicago Meatpackers

Vlog 46- UBK
Vlog 48- Carluccio's AD

Vlog 63- The Tap House

Vlog 71- Koko Bay

Vlog 72- Palm Bay

Vlog 75- Masterchef the tv experience

Vlog 76- Riva

Vlog 77- Noepe



Vlog 22- Kave
Vlog 28- Chicago Meatpackers
Vlog 29- Single Fin Cafe
Vlog 72- Palm Bay


Public & Non-Public

Vlog 8- Kite Beach UAQ
Vlog 17- Al Hamra Beach RAK
Vlog 60- The Pointe


Public & Non-Public

Vlog 1- The Greens
Vlog 12- Sustainable City
Vlog 17- RAK Animal Welfare Center
Vlog 21- Bark Park
Vlog 27- My Second Home Dubai
Vlog 53- Dog Park Townsquare
Vlog 64- JLT Dog Park
Vlog 68- Aqua Pawk


& Specials

Vlog 8- UAQ Barracuda Beach Resort
Vlog 32- Nasab
Vlog 56- RAK Glamping
Vlog 66- Summer Special
Vlog 67- Vida Emirates Hills
Vlog 69- Jumeirah Creekside Hotel
Vlog 70- Radisson Red
Vlog 79- Hotel Indigo


Paid & Free

Vlog 4- Dog Reiki
Vlog 5- Puppy Pilates
Vlog 10- Hatta Kayak
Vlog 38- Kashta AD Boat Trips
Vlog 74- Wadi Hike With Dogventure
Vlog 78- The Selfie Kingdom



Vlog 12- Origin Market Sustainable City
Vlog 13- Outdoors City Centre Me'Aisem
Vlog 43- Habtoor Festive Garden

No longer dog friendly

Until further notice

Vlog 11- Epona at Dubai Polo Club
Vlog 19- Banan Beach Dubai (closed)
Vlog 23- Love Lakes
Vlog 25- Pawsome Brunch at Millenium Airport Hotel
Vlog 30- Myocum
Vlog 31- Lowe
Vlog 33- Cassette
Vlog 37- Unleashed (closed)
Vlog 42- Boston Lane


Our partnership with Treats Card

In 2020 I was contacted by Treats Card, a membership platform for pet owners where you can get discounts at veterinary clinics, groomers, boarding facilities, pet stores and a lot more. They wanted to include pet friendly restaurants to their platform as well and this is how a really nice partnership started.

Cause why shouldn't there be a discount card for pet owners as well? We all know that having a pet in The UAE can be very expensive. 

A membership at Treats Card will only cost you AED29 per month and will give you access to over 120 offers from 65 suppliers! And more are joining every month. 

And when you use the discount code: DAIDFREE, you'll get the first month for free of your membership.

Along with Treats Card & Dog Parents In Dubai, we now also started organizing dog friendly events. There is a different Treats Card event every month at a different location with a different theme or activity. In this way we try to offer unique events so there is always something you might be interested in. 

You can find our events calendar below with all information. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Past Events

We are very happy and proud to say we have organized very fun and engaging events for dog owners. You can find more information about each event below.

We know it might be sad to see what you have missed but keep in mind that the next event will be just around the corner.


Howl-O-Ween at Radisson Red

31st of October 2020

It has been a thrilling month for us in October with our Howl-O-Ween event at the Radisson Red in partnership with Treats Card and Dog Parents in Dubai.

 We absolutely loved to see everybody in their amazing outfits. You really overdid yourselves and it was really hard to pick a winner for our best dressed competition. Overall, we really loved the event.

The Radisson Red had prepared a really nice BBQ live station on their outside terrace and oh how we loved the delicious spooky desserts. We were also very thankful to Pawsalicious who provided delicious Halloween pupcakes for all the doggies.

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