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Our Partnership With Reading Dogs

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Why It Works

Reading to a dog helps children relax into reading, open up, try harder and have fun reading. 


Their specially chosen, child-friendly, extremely calm dogs are the perfect reading companions. They don’t judge or correct, they allow children to read at their own pace and they’ve proven to be a calming influence on a class.

How It Works

Reading sessions take place in a quiet area such as a class room, library or school hall and during the 30 min session each child has a chance to read to our dog. 

They work with the class teacher to decide on a suitable book for the class reading level and can offer a one off session or a regular visit.

What They Do

They supply the canine companions!  


The dog’s temperament, obedience and patient nature is of utmost importance to Reading Dogs, each and every dog they work with has been assessed and been awarded a certificate of suitability and a clean bill of health.

Visit their website here to find out more information.

Boefje as a Reading Dog
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